Ekam Abundance Festival

Attaining 28 Sacred Treasures of Life
A 7 Day Magical Journey & Celebration

July 21 to July 27, 2019

Preethaji and I, envision the Ekam Abundance Festival as a momentous time when we can share the gifts we have been blessed with, with all of you and open the doors of wealth and abundance in your lives.

At the Ekam Abundance Festival, all who step into Ekam will awaken to great abundance in their consciousness so that every form of wealth would begin to flow into their lives.

I am very happy to be sharing the Ekam Abundance Festival with each one of you. This festival has been very close to our hearts, for both – Me and Preetha ji. We have been blessed with great abundance in our lives. At a very early age of eleven, I had the immense blessing of spiritual wealth flow into my life when The Phenomenon of Deeksha began and over the years several millions of lives have been touched, impacted, healed and transformed through The Power of Deeksha. I have had deep explorations into the mysteries of consciousness since.

As I grew, this spiritual wealth kept growing with me and when I was 19, I took upon myself the sacred vision of making Ekam a reality for world transformation. As I immersed myself day and night in the vision of bringing Ekam to fruition, it felt as if the entire universe was in alignment with this massive intention. Synchronicities and magical happenings began to flood our lives. Ekam is that sacred space where humanity will attain both material and spiritual abundance. It exists to bring the human and the divine together.

It is not a structure, it is a living consciousness that responds to your heart-felt intentions.

To us, Ekam is a mystic power house that can bless humanity with every form of abundance; be it health, wealth, spiritual wisdom, loving family, great children, longevity and ultimately the greatest wealth of all which is enlightenment.

The massive structure of Ekam stands as a living testimony for the innumerable instances of synchronicity, divine coincidences, abundance of wealth and power that flowed torrentially into our lives during those 10 years to make its creation possible.

Let me now take you deeper. Please look at life deeply, it is evident that you are constantly at war against several forces that are pitted against you. These forces draw chaos, obstacles, misfortune, and pain into your lives.

Some of us have a collapse at an emotional level, where we find ourselves spiralling down into negative states and depression. Some of us have a physical collapse at the bodily level, some at the level of intimate relationships and some in our careers and professional life.

I believe that every problem, every crisis primarily arises as a poison in consciousness, thereafter it manifests in the world outside as chaotic situations. If the painful lack and scarcity in your life has to go away, then your consciousness has to be cleansed of the various forms of poison that have got accumulated not just over your life time but over several millennia.

To me, you are not an individual who is independent of everything around you. You are not a separate individual. You are constantly being impacted by several forces from your past like the ancestral samskaras (impressions) passed on to you, the limiting beliefs and ideas that you have accumulated from your painful life experiences, thoughts and ideas flowing from the collective human consciousness.

These are the invisible under-currents that are controlling your consciousness.

Apart from this, there are your own suffering states that you habitually live from; and the destructive karmic consequences of the decisions and actions you have performed from these states also cause you to spiral down the path of chaos and problems.

At Ekam Abundance Festival – Preethaji and I would be purifying 28 Poisons that have got accumulated in your consciousness causing you to experience every form of scarcity and lack in life. We will lead you towards receiving the 28 sacred treasures from Universal intelligence or the Divine that make you live a life of great abundance.

You will have an incredible opportunity of coming to this festival four times a year.

The Ekam Abundance Festival would bring you the gift of seven incredible sacred treasures in your life.

Transcendental Creativity:

An ordinary mind is a repetitive mind. Creativity happens when there is the birth of new, a new perception, a new world view, a new life view. And such creativity is only possible when your brain and your mind upgrade to a higher level. As you undergo the powerful process, the divine energies of Ekam would impact your neural connections of your brain and alter your consciousness. In the Limitless field meditation with Preethaji and Krishnaji, you would receive the sacred treasure of transcendental Creativity. This sacred treasure would transform the way you achieve, create and succeed in your career or profession and your work life would become immensely fulfilling.

Transcendental Forgiveness:

Do we carry a deep nagging pain in our hearts of having hurt someone in our life? Do we carry regrets and guilt around our past? Are we tormented by the consequences of our senseless and insensitive behaviour and actions? The sacred treasure of Transcedental forgiveness would liberate you from these maledictions and curses of others upon you, for the harm or hurt you have caused them in the past. During the limitless field, your consciousness would be imbued with divine blessings and power removing all hindrances and obstacles on the path of prosperity and progress in your life.

Transcendental Wealth:

Krishnaji says, ‘You create great wealth and abundance in life when you transform your experience of wealth creation’
Isn’t the experience of wealth creation a struggle for most of us?
Who does not dream of creating wealth magically, where our efforts are rewarded with miracles and synchronicity?
During ekam abundance festival, Preethaji and Krishnaji would transform your consciousness around wealth. You can walk a thorn filled path to wealth creation or glide your way towards it. The difference lies in your consciousness. The gift of transcendental wealth you would receive during the Limitless Field would open new doors within you for wealth to flow in.

Transcedental Healing:

We have tried healing our bodies through our knowledge of human physiology and biochemistry. It has taken us only thus far.
At ekam abundance festival you will be lead through the path of wisdom and power of consciousness, where your body would be pushed into a magical dimension where it would shed away pain and disease. Preethaji and Krishnaji would lead you into liberation from the subtle and esoteric elements of consciousness that is manifesting as disease in the body. Duringthe limitless field with them, those destructive elements would be dissolved resulting in great health and vitality.

Transcedental Leader:

Preethaji and Krishnaji believe every individual is a leader in some capacity and every individual has the potential power to impact. Being a parent, a partner, an employee, a friend, an entrepreneur, who ever you are, are you passionate to create a positive impact upon people around you? You might be an aspiring leader or an upcoming leader or an acclaimed leader, but you cannot truly become one unless you live in a transformed consciousness. At ekam abundance festival, you will emerge into a charismatic leader who leads not by force or by voice but by the power of consciousness. You will awaken to this immense power at the Limitless Field meditation with Preethaji and Krishnaji. You take home the sacred gift of being an impactful leader at home and society.

Transcedental Children:

Ekam abundance festival would give you the gift of inviting transcendental children into your life if you are aspiring to be parents or if you are already one, you receive the incredible gift of transforming your children into Transcedental children. As you journey through the powerful process and be in the Limitless field with Preethaji and Krishnaji, you will under go a restructuring and transformation at a cellular level which would be communicated to your children even if they are miles apart from you. As aspiring parents your transformation will prepare you to have transcendental children in future. As parents, the greatest and the most enduring gift you can give your children is the gift of a transformed consciousness. Every other form of gift you give without this, is futile. Preethaji and Krishnaji hold a vision in their hearts for every parent to have transcendental children and they make it a reality for you at the ekam abundance festival.

Transcedental Protection:

Have you experienced a sense of being vulnerable to negative forces and energies around you? Have you felt unsafe and insecure that negative events may occur in your life? The sacred treasure of transcendental protection would free you of this concern. Here, you will go through a very powerful mystical process at the end of which you will be gifted with a divine shield from Ekam. You will experience a deep sense of protection from the negativity and disharmony in the world. You will take back a power from Ekam that can dispel every form of threat to the joy and wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

Ekam Abundance Festival will be a celebration of transformation & transcendence, a celebration of connection between individual consciousness & universal consciousness or the divine presence, a triumph of truth over untruth, a triumph of light over darkness.

Ekam Abundance Festival is a gift like no other in the world. it is entering into the world of the miraculous. It is an everyday awakening into the magical & transcendental.

Come and experience the magic of  The Happening.

The next Ekam Abundance Festival happens from July 21 to July 27.
It is a 7 days of immersion experience at Ekam where your consciousness awakens to Abundance.

We have opened various options for you to stay on our campuses for a much deeper mystical experience at Ekam Abundance Festival. Ekam Abundance Festival is where all seekers merge into unity, free of all divisions.

The price you pay for is for the special meditations and processes specially designed for Ekam Abundance Festival seekers (which also includes food served at your respective campus, free transportation to and from your accommodation campuses to Ekam).


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“Ekam is not a structure, it is a field, a living consciousness that responds to your heart-felt intentions.”
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